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Experience Korea No.1 White Board Made in Korea

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Noriter Felt Magnets

Awaken the curiosity within your children with Noriter. Every child is born an explorer and an original creator.

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Fine Whiteboard marker/ Animal Eraser/ Magnetic Pen Holder(Bear)

릴리후스L 아이보리 (1)

Noriterboard – Lille hus(L) / Ivory(B)

Noriterboard Felt Magnets-Vegetables

Noriterboard Felt Magnets-Vegetables

릴리후스_M아이보리 (1)

Noriterboard – Lillie Hus Board(M size) / Ivory

Imagine with Kidzkoko

The popular parenting item in social media, the “Noriterboard.” The unique design and details make a difference in the product’s quality.

Even more durable and sturdy! The Noriterboard receives a lot of love for its distinct sophistication.

 Since the material itself is different, Unlike other magnetic board manufacturers, Nolrterboard chose a coating method on top of steel plate instead of stamping. The production cost is over twice as expensive, but Noriterboard chose this method to create a magnetic chalkboard without lead and chemical components.

POSCO steel sheets are coated with PET BBC lamination treatment. By using the same system as the world's top-quality appliances from S Company, this coating process enhances the writing feel, erasability, and durability of the base metal, allowing for long-term use.

Our Story

As mothers, we understand that the safety and happiness of our children are our top priorities. This is why we are thrilled to introduce you to our carefully curated selection of 100% Korean-made products, chosen by mothers just like you. We recognize that practicality and staying on-trend are important to you, and so we have ensured that our products perfectly blend these elements...

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